High Pressure Cylinders

Stainless Steel High Pressure Cylinders

High pressure 304 stainless steel cylinders are utilized as sample cylinders or lecture-bottles for high purity and corrosive gases. Maximum pressure is 1800psi. They may be equipped with either CGA 350 (hydride and reducing gas) or CGA 330 (corrosive, typically chlorine or fluorine containing gas) valves. Cylinders are manufactured to DOT-3E 1800 specifications. Nominal tare with protective caps and plugs detached is 1.17 kg.

Product Code Valve Type Capacity
zCYL-HPS-0420-35 CGA 350 420 ml
zCYL-HPS-0420-33 CGA 330 420 ml
Aluminum High Pressure Cylinders

High pressure aluminum alloy cylinders provide a high purity package for non-corrosive gases. They are nonmagnetic and lightweight (about 1/3 lighter than steel cylinders) and are manufactured to consistently higher weight and dimensional tolerances. Maximum pressure is 2000psi. Valves are stainless steel with CGA 350 connections. Aluminum alloy cylinders are suitable for silicon hydrides, germanium hydrides and other reducing gases.

Product Code Capacity Nominal Tare DOT Specification
zCYL-HPA-6000 6.0 liters 7.6 kg DOT-3AL 2216
zCYL-HPA-29000 29 liters 22.7 kg DOT-3AL 2015
zCYL-HPA-49000D 49 liters 39.5 kg DOT-3AL 2016

Product Code Construction Rating Capacity Nominal Tare
zCYL-HPS-0050 316 stainless 1000psig 50 mls 303.2g
zCYL-G-0025 carbon steel 350psig 25 mls 186.7g