Life Science


Our Life Science market includes pharmaceuticals. High purity silanes functionalize silica, glass, and other substrates which can be used for organic synthesis for pharmaceutical research.

Microarray Technology / High Throughput Screening

Microarray technology is a method of screening 30,000+ DNA segments (genes) for intrinsic variance (genetic abnormality), transcriptional variance (response to stimulus) or, indirectly, the translational variance which is manifested in protein expression. Gelest uses silanes to assist in creating novel and selective surface functionality, where specific locations on a substrate…

Silicon-Based Blocking Agents

The use of organosilanes to replace and thus protect groups with active hydrogens (primarily alcohols, amines, thiols, and carboxylic acids) has been employed in synthetic strategies for many years. Key advantages behind the use of organosilanes for the protection of functional organic groups are the ability of being able to…

Silicon-Based Synthetic Reagents

Gelest produces a large variety of silicon-based synthetic agents, which are used for the selective transformation of functional groups in organic synthesis. Suggested reagents below can be used for the various synthetic reactions and many others. Gelest also provides custom synthesis or custom specifications for products.

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