Medical Devices


Gelest silanes and silicones are important components in a variety of biotechnology applications ranging from diagnostic devices to biomaterials. These materials are designed to attach to an inorganic surface (typically glass) and provide an organic functionality to carry out a desired chemical interaction or reaction. Examples would be to impart hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity to a surface or to react with biological active materials.


Diagnostic devices


Array technology

Linkers/coupling agents for array technology

Contact lenses

Controlled surface energy coatings

Hydrophobic-lipophilic coatings

Oleophobic coatings


Dental impression materials

Fluorescent markers and probes

Selected Products

Diagnostics (example: bonded phase reagents for chromatography)

Linkers/Coupling Agents for array technology (DNA, RNA and, proteomic)

Contact Lens Monomers (example: oxygen- permeable monomers and crosslinking reagents)

Controlled Surface Energy Coatings (example: reduction of nonspecific adsorption)

Biomaterials (example: base silicones for diffusion patches)

Dental Impression Materials (example: 2-part RTV systems)