Consumer Care

Personal Care

Personal Care at Gelest ranges from skin care to hair care to color cosmetics. We offer hybrid silicone fluids and cleansing technology products for skin care and hair care. Our surface-treated pigments are most commonly used for color cosmetics which can improve feel, wear, and color loading for cosmetic formulations.

Specialty Hybrid Fluids for Personal Care

Gelest specialty and expertise is seen in the distinctive range of fluids we offer. Our SiBrid® fluids (organic-modified siloxanes), such as our diethicones (INCI: polydiethylsiloxane), deliver enhanced organic material compatibility and improved dispersion capability over dimethicone while maintaining the traditional dimethicone feel. These properties are especially beneficial in sunscreens, makeup, and…

Clean Technology for Personal Care

Gelest offers specialty silicones that can be used for cleansing applications within personal care. SiQube™ (INCI: Polysilsesquioxane Steardimonium Chloride) is an innovative cationic polymeric silicone that can provide multiple benefits in hair care and skin care applications. Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane is a naturally-derived, multifunctional hybrid fluid that offers improved solubility and…

Surface-Treated Pigments for Personal Care

Gelest’s extensive experience in silane chemistry led to the development of unique surface treated inorganic pigments and fillers. By changing the surface chemistry of the particles, our surface treatments can help improve your product’s performance, help reduce production time and energy costs, and increase product stability. Gelest offers standard product…

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