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Gelest offers a range of materials that provide the chemical variation for the wide variety of chromatography and related applications where specific surface modification is required. These range from the long-chain aliphatic-substituted silanes for reversed phase chromatography, to organofunctional organosilanes including amino, mercapto, epoxy and other functionalities that are covalently bonded through a carbon chain to the silicon group, as well as long-chain functional organosilanes. These latter include long chain organosilanes containing an amino, aldehyde, ester, or cyano group on the omega-position 11 carbons removed from the silicon moiety. Gelest also supplies various dipodal silanes, which find use in the preparation of specialty silicas (such as mesoporous silica, where the pore size can be modulated by the size of the organic group bridging the two silicon centers) in addition to providing excellent hydrophobicity to surfaces and improved stability over the mono-silylated derivatives.


Reversed phase chromatography

Surface modification

Creating hydrophobic surfaces or improved stability

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