Personal Care

Surface-Treated Pigments for Personal Care

Gelest’s extensive experience in silane chemistry led to the development of unique surface treated inorganic pigments and fillers. By changing the surface chemistry of the particles, our surface treatments can help improve your product’s performance, help reduce production time and energy costs, and increase product stability. Gelest offers standard product lines of hydrophobic, oleophilic, and hydrophilic inorganic pigments in addition to custom surface treatment unique to each customer.

The functions of surface treatment in cosmetic formulations include:

  • Improvement of skin feel
  • Improvement in wetting
  • Uniform color development
  • Maximization of attainable pigment load
  • Reduction in the amount of energy and time required for dispersion
  • Passivation of the pigment surface to reduce physical and chemical interaction with the vehicle

These siliceous surface treatments can show:

  • Lubricious tactile effect
  • Precise surface energy control
  • Oil and water repellency – oleophobic and hydrophobic
  • Water dispersibility – hydrophilic
  • Dispersion and rheological control
  • Stability throughout the range of physiological pH
  • Lipophilicity – stable interaction with siloxane, organic, and aqueous phases


Modifying surface chemistry of pigments and powders provides robust, permanently modified behavior, expanding formulation latitude in personal care. Gelest has the unique ability to synthesize specialty silanes and silicones and employ these materials as reactive surface treatments.


Many surface-treated pigments decrease oil absorption which improves skin adhesion and wear.

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Surface-treated pigments can promote easier spreading and blending on the skin for a soft, moist after-feel to liquid formulations.

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Lip Care

Treated pigments can enhance pigment loading while keeping viscosities low and formulations smooth.

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Mascaras, Pencils, and Eyeliners

We offer treated pigments which disperse in aqueous formulations without milling to give fine pigment particle size and full color development.

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