Bulk Cylinders


Bulk Cylinders

These carbon steel cylinders are for storing and dispensing bulk quantities of hazardous or air sensitive liquids and compressible gases. The cylinders meet the listed DOT specifications and pressure ratings. All cylinders are fitted for both liquid and gas dispensing. zCYL-B-022 is equipped with a dual port brass valve. zCYL-B-100 has two brass valves with CGA 660 connections. zCYL-B-225 & zCYL-B-450 have 1”NPT stainless ball valve (liquid) and a ¾” NPT stainless ball valve (vapor).

Product Code Capacity Nominal Tare Pressure Rating
zCYL-B-022 21.5 liters 14.7 kg 4BA400-400 psi
zCYL-B-100* 100 liters 33.7 kg 4BW260-260 psi
zCYL-B-225 225 liters 96.2 kg 4BW240-240 psi
zCYL-B-450 450 liters 150.6 kg 4BW240-240 psi

Stainless Steel Bulk Cylinders

Electropolished 316L stainless steel cylinders for storing and dispensing bulk quantities of corrosive or high purity liquids and compressible gases. Head configuration includes four ¼” NPT pipe fittings and 2? access port. The price includes two ¼” stainless needle valves equipped ¼” Swagelok fittings.

Product Code Capacity Pressure Rating Nominal Tare DOT Specifications Diameter Height
zCYL-S-004 3.8 liters 185 psi 4.5 kg UN1A1/X1.8/1390 229mm 273mm
zCYL-S-019 19 liters 185 psi 9.6 kg UN1A1/X1.2/1390 229mm 616mm
zCYL-S-060 60 liters 185 psi 24.8 kg UN1A1/X1.2/1480 305mm 1070mm
zCYL-S-209 209 liters 72 psi 70.8 kg UN1A1/X1.8/640 610mm 1141mm