Personal Care

Specialty Hybrid Fluids for Personal Care

Gelest specialty and expertise is seen in the distinctive range of fluids we offer. Our SiBrid® fluids (organic-modified siloxanes), such as our diethicones (INCI: polydiethylsiloxane), deliver enhanced organic material compatibility and improved dispersion capability over dimethicone while maintaining the traditional dimethicone feel. These properties are especially beneficial in sunscreens, makeup, and skin care product development. Our Vertasil® line incorporates interesting natural or botanical based molecules onto a siloxane or trisiloxane unit. These are just a few examples of how our technology can enable your innovation.


Gelest offers performance and formulating benefits with truly unique silicones using its expertise as a developer and manufacturer of silicon chemistries for high technology applications.

Bath and Body

Our hybrid fluids are used in bath and body formulations to leave the skin feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized..

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Hair Care

Hybrid fluids can be used as smoothing agents or emulsifiers for hair care.

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Improved compatibility and the weightless feel of our hybrid fluids makes them ideal for improved spreading and blending in foundations.

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Lip Care

Many of our fluids have improved solubility and high refractive indices for lip formulations.

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Skin Care

Our fluids bring emollience and softening benefits to skin care formulations while maintaining compatibility to achieve smooth, weightless formulations to rich, heavy formulations.

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