Gelest: A Group Company of Mitsubishi Chemical Group

A research and manufacturing excellence center

Manufacturing commercial quality products, Gelest functions as Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s research excellence center. We operate within the organization’s molecular design technologies and enabling technologies platforms, focused on organic materials, inorganic materials, polymers, biotechnology, materials design, and materials characterization.

As a Mitsubishi Chemical Group company, Gelest contributes new products and technologies to fundamental materials and five primary markets including mobility, electronics and displays, packaging, labels and films, medical, food and biotechnology, and environmental/energy. Our R&D strategies are designed to meet the needs of business and intellectual property to rapidly commercialize new technologies and products.

With over 42,000 employees across 295 group companies, Mitsubishi Chemical’s global footprint spans 31 countries.


A sustainable way forward

Gelest embraces the Mitsubishi Chemical philosophy of KAITEKI: the sustainable development of society and the planet through a focus on solving environmental and social challenges. To realize KAITEKI, we are committed to our core values of sustainability, health and comfort, and the well-being of the Earth, its people, and our collective society.

By creating KAITEKI value today, we ensure a bright tomorrow.

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