Glass Solutions

Solid Fluoropolymer Caps

Improved storage stability, particularly color, can be achieved by utilizing a solid fluoropolymer cap with a PTFE liner.

Product Code Fits
zCAP-T-38/439 2.5L and 4L bottles
Septum Seal Caps

Septum seal caps allow syringe dispensing of air-sensitive materials. The phenolic caps have a PTFE face on a silicone disc. (0.25mm PTFE/2.25mm silicone).

Product Code Fits
zCAP-S-38/430 2.5L and 4L bottles
zCAP-S-33/400 1 qt.
zCAP-S-28/400 1 qt.
zCAP-S-22/400 4 oz.
zCAP-S-20/400 1 oz. and 2 oz.
zCAP-S-18/400 1/2 oz.