Bubblers/Special Delivery


Bubblers / Special Delivery

Bubblers are usually employed with special delivery control systems associated with chemical vapor deposition. They have both above liquid level access and dip tubes. In most applications the dip tube is used to sparge an inert carrier gas through the liquid allowing transport of the product as a vapor. Bubblers are fabricated from 316L stainless steel, rated at 260psi and equipped with high vacuum fittings. Bubbler ordered with chemicals have fittings and gaskets assembled. Valve connections are SS-4-VCR-3; Fillport is modified SS-8-VCR-1-8. They are manufactured to DOT specification DOT-4B 260.

Product Code Capacity Nominal Tare
zBUB-S-0150 150 ml 1.05 kg
zBUB-S-1000 1000 ml 2.05 kg
zBUB-S-4000 4000 ml 3.28 kg