Product Code: TM-CBD1
CAS No: 2414491-99-7
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A patented multi-functional trisiloxanyl-cannabidiol hybrid silicone fluid specifically designed to extend solubility and improve compatibility of Cannabidiol (CBD) with silicone oils and PDMS gels without compromising the activity or benefits of Cannabidiol.

INCI Name: Trisiloxanyl-Cannabidiol

The only ingredient that makes the delivery of Cannabidiol possible from PDMS gels.

Improved solubility parameters making it compatible with a wider range of cosmetic ingredients including natural oils, hydrocarbons, esters, glycols, silicones, and silicone derivatives. In addition, it provides the lubricity and softness of silicone oil, without greasiness of natural oils.

Key Performance Benefits

Silicone serums and oils Silicone patches Scar treatment patches Face and eye treatment masks

Recommended Appliations

  • Silicone serums and oils
  • Silicone patches
  • Scar treatment patches
  • Face and eye treatment masks
  • Personal Care Formulations, Skin Care

    A CBD Hybrid with Enhanced Flexibility

    Vertasil TM-CBD1 (trisiloxanyl-cannabidiol) is a material specifically designed to address the current limitations on CBD use in personal care applications, with an expanded solubility profile to silicone oils and easy integration into silicone gels. This new product is anticipated to enable many applications, including soft skin adhesives, scar reduction treatments, transdermal patches, and anti-wrinkle face masks.