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Product Code: SIM6515.1

Cas No: 992-94-9

R&D quantities:

25 g

Boiling Point: -57°

EINECS Number: 213-598-5

Melting Point: -157°

Molecular Weight: 46.14

Alternative Name: 1MS

Specific Gravity: 0.628

HMIS Key: 3-4-3-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 9: reacts extremely rapidly with atmospheric moisture - may be pyrophoric - glove box or sealed system required

Formula: CH6Si


Additional Properties: 130
Dipole moment: 0.73 debye
?Hcomb: -624 kcal/mole
Critical temperature: 79.3°
?Hform: -7 kcal/mole
?Hvap: 4.6 kcal/mole
Vapor pressure, -80°: 241 mm
Vapor pressure, 21°: 14 atm (210 psia)