GELEST® RG 05: REPROGRAPHIC SILICONE Low Volatility 100g SpeedMixer 100g Kit

Product Code: PP2-RG05
CAS No: 68037-59-2
SDS Sheets: EU | US
TDS Sheets: US
Pack Size
100 g
220 g
1.1 kg

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  • HMIS

  • TSCA

  • Boiling Point (˚C/mmHg)


Additional Properties

  • Hardness

  • Safety

  • Packaging Under

  • 2-Part 10:1 Kit

  • 100 g SpeedMixer™ Kit – contains100 g part A (base), 10 g part B (cross-linker) in FlackTek SpeedMixer™ cups
  • 220 g kit – contains 200 g part A (base), 20 g part B (cross-linker)
  • 1.1 kg kit – contains 1000 g part A (base), 100 g part B (cross-linker)
  • Gelest®RG 05: 2-Part RTV Silicone Elastomer

    PP2-RG05 is a flexible, clear, high definition molding and encapsulation PDMS with lower volatile content and greater dimensional stability than standard PDMS (PP2-RG01), which reduces the rate of hydrophobic recovery. These properties provide improved performance in microelectronics, microfluidics, and medical applications.

    Cured PDMS Properties

  • Tensile Strength: 5.5-7.0 MPa
  • Elongation: 80-100%
  • Durometer, Shore A: 45-60
  • Volatiles (4hrs/150°C): <0.2 wt%