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GELEST® OE 39 200g Kit

Product Code: PP2-OE39

200 g

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2-Part 1:1 Kit
  • 200 g kit – contains 100 g part A (base), 100 g part B (cross-linker)
  • Gelest® OE39: 1.39 Refractive Index 2-Part Silicone Elastomer

    Gelest OE39 is an optically clear, cladding, encapsulation, and coating compound with a RI of 1.39. This RTV kit can also be used to fabricate acoustic lenses. The moderate viscosity of the platinum catalyzed mix, long pot-life at room temperature, and moderate cure temperature make this extremely useful in laboratory, prototype, and small scale production run applications.

    Cured Gelest® OE39 Properties
  • Refractive Index (25°C): 1.39
  • Tensile Strength: 0.05 MPa
  • Elongation @ Break: 1,400-1,600%
  • Durometer, Shore A: 5
  • Elongation: High

    HMIS Key: 1-1-0-X