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Product Code: AKC253

Cas No: 14781-45-4

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Boiling Point: 100° / 0.5 sub

EINECS Number: 238-850-1

Melting Point: 130°

Molecular Weight: 477.64/513.68

HMIS Key: 3-1-0-X

Application: Employed in CVD of superconductors.1
Catalyst for addition of diazopentanediones to aldehydes and ketones to form dioxoles.2
Cu thin films deposited with H2 at 250°.3,4,5
Forms ferromagnetic chains on photolysis with diazodi-4-pyridylmethane.6

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Additional Properties: Soluble: methanol, acetone, toluene
Solubility, methanol: >200 g/l
Vapor pressure, 50°: 1 mm
Vapor pressure, 95°: 10 mm