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Product Code: SIT7546.0

Cas No: 3277-26-7

R&D quantities:

1.5 kg
25 g
250 g

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Boiling Point: 70-1°

EINECS Number: 221-906-4

Molecular Weight: 134.33

Specific Gravity: 0.757

Flashpoint: -12°C (10°F)

HMIS Key: 2-4-1-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 3: reacts with aqueous base

Formula: C4H14OSi2

Refractive Index: 1.3669


Application: Employed in reductive halogenation of aldehydes and epoxides.1
Used to link ferrocenylsilane, polyolefin block copolymers into stable cylindrical forms.2
Employed in the high-yield reduction of amides to amines in the presence of other reducible groups.3
Reduces anisoles to arenes.4
Hydrosilylates terminal alkynes to form alkenylsilanes capable of cross-coupling w/ aryl and vinyl halides.5
Employed in the reduction of an acetopheone derivative to the methylene in the synthesis of ziprasidone.6

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Additional Properties: 208
?Hcomb: 1,047 kcal/mole
?Hvap: 7.25 kcal/mole
Endcapper for polymerization of hydride terminated silicones
Vapor pressure, 27°: 194.8 mm