1317-61-9, 63148-61-8

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Gelest Black Iron Oxide DE

Product Code: BIA-DEA

Cas No: 1317-61-9, 63148-61-8

75 g
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Gelest DE - DiEthicone

DE treated pigments and fillers offer faster dispersion, improved spreadability, improved Color Development when compared to methicone treatments. This globally approved surface treatment decreases oil absorption allowing for ease of dispersion.

INCI NAME: Polydiethylsiloxane
DE Key Performance Benefits
  • Improves dispersion
  • Rich, lubricious feel
  • Improves spreadability
  • Improves Hegman readings
  • Improves color development
  • Globally approved surface treatment
  • Recommended Applications
  • Lipsticks
  • BB creams
  • Pressed powders
  • Liquid foundations
  • Cream to powder/hot pours
  • EINECS Number: 215-277-5 (&) N/A (POLYMER)

    HMIS Key: 0-1-0-X