Site & Capabilities



GELEST, Inc. growth as a worldwide innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of specialty organosilicon and other organometallics continues with an expansion of its corporate office and production facilities in Morrisville, PA.


Gelest, Inc. currently occupies facilities comprising of corporate headquarters, production buildings, research laboratories, surface modification operations and maintenance facility. The complex encompasses 11 acres of a 22 acre site, leaving space for future expansion. The highly specialized chemicals and materials manufactured at the facility are used in a plethora of applications that include, but are not limited to, microelectronic, diagnostic, Medical , pharmaceutical and personal care.

The main production building contains eight reactor cells, including small-scale custom synthesis equipment, 100-liter glass reactors, glass-lined reactors from 50-gallon (189L) to 2,000-gallon (7570L) capacity, high-pressure reactors, distillation equipment, and continuous polymerization units.  Most of the production requires special handling that needs classified electrical systems as well as a foam sprinkler system, NFPA 68, damage limiting construction and NFPA 69, vapor detection and evacuation ventilation.

The new state of the art surface treatment facility houses a variety of mixing, blending, milling and screening systems utilized in the surface modification of micro-particles from gram to ton quantities.