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Product Code: SIB1821.0

Cas No: 18418-72-9

Boiling Point: 114-5° / 3.5

Molecular Weight: 340.56

Alternative Name: 4,4,6,6-TETRAETHOXY-3,7-DIOXA-4,6-DISILANONANE

Specific Gravity: 0.9741

HMIS Key: 3-2-1-X

Formula: C13H32O6Si2

Refractive Index: 1.4098


Application: Forms methylene-bridged mesoporous structures.1
Forms modified silica membranes that separate propylene/propane mixtures.2

Reference: 1. Zhang, W. et al. Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 6407.
2. Kanezashi, M. et al. J. Membr. Sci. 2012, 415-416, 478.


Additional Properties: Intermediate for sol-gel coatings, hybrid inorganic-organic polymers