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Product Code: SNT7960

Cas No: 814-94-8

500 g
100 g

EINECS Number: 212-414-0

Specific Gravity: 3.56

HMIS Key: 2-1-0-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 3: reacts with aqueous base

Formula: C2O4Sn


Application: Transesterification catalyst employed in manufacture of phthalate esters.1
Forms transparent conductive films on hot glass.2
Forms open frame macrocyclic structures with guanidine templates.3

Reference: 1. Jenkins, L. et al. U.S. Patent 3,153,010, 1964.
2. Chem. Abstr. 111, 16204r; Jpn. Patent 63 257,121.
3. Natarajan, S. et al. Chem. Mater. 1999, 11, 1633.

Additional Properties: Solubility, water: 0.5 g/l
Water, 0.5 g/L