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TIN(IV) CHLORIDE, anhydrous

Product Code: SNT7930

Cas No: 7646-78-8

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EINECS Number: 231-588-9

Alternative Name: STANNIC CHLORIDE

Specific Gravity: 2.226

HMIS Key: 3-0-2-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 8: reacts rapidly with moisture, water, protic solvents

Formula: Cl4Sn


Application: Converts 3,4-unsaturated aldehydes to cyclopentanones in CH2Cl2.1
SnCl4 etherate in combination with NaBH4 reduces amides to amines.2
Employed in PECVD of tin oxide.3
Mesostructured clear conductive SnO2 films prepared with surfactant templating.4

Reference: 1. Cookson, R. et al. Chem. Comm. 1979, 145.
2. Tsuda, Y. et al. Synthesis 1977, 652.
3. Robbins, J. et al. J. Vac. Sci. Technol., A 2001, 19(6), 2762.
4. Miyata, H. et al. J. Mater. Res. 2003, 15, 1334.

Fieser: F&F: Vol. 8, p 452; Vol. 9, p 437.

Additional Properties: Dielectric constant: 3.2
?Hfus: 2.19 kcal/mole
?Hvap: 7.96 kcal/mole
Specific heat: 0.147 cal/g/°
Heat of solution in water: 22.92 kcal/mole
Fumes in air