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Product Code: PP2-RG03

1.1 kg
220 g
f100 g
100 g
2-Part 10:1 Kit
  • 100 g SpeedMixer™ Kit – contains 100 g part A (base), 10 g part B (cross-linker) in FlackTek SpeedMixer™ cups
  • 220 g kit – contains 200 g part A (base), 20 g part B (cross-linker)
  • 1.1 kg kit – contains 1000 g part A (base), 100 g part B (cross-linker)
  • Gelest®RG 03: 2-Part RTV Silicone Elastomer

    PP2-RG03 is a clear to translucent, high definition molding and encapsulation hydrophilic PDMS with improved surface wettability and reduced coefficient of friction compared to conventional silicones (PP2-RG01). Microfluidic channels exhibit lower hydrodynamic back-pressures.

    Cured PDMS Properties
  • Tensile Strength: 4.0-6.0 MPa
  • Elongation: 100-200%
  • Durometer, Shore A: 40-60
  • Contact Angle, water: 80-85°
  • Elongation: Medium

    HMIS Key: 1-1-0-X

    Application: Aplication and reference data

    Reference: 1. Goff, J. et al. MRS Proceedings 2014, 1626.

    Additional Properties: 2-part silicone elastomer for reprographic and mold-making applications