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Product Code: DMS-S31

Cas No: 70131-67-8

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DMS-S31: Silanol Terminated PDMS, 1,000 cSt (Telechelic Functional Fluid)

Terminal silanol groups render polydimethylsiloxanes susceptible to condensation under both mild acid and base conditions. They are intermediates for most room temperature vulcanizeable (RTV) condensation cure silicones. The reactivity of silanol fluids is utilized in applications other than RTVs. Low viscosity silanol fluids are employed as filler treatments and structure control additives in silicone rubber compounding. Intermediate viscosity (1,000-10,000 cSt) fluids can be applied to textiles as durable fabric softeners. High viscosity silanol terminated fluids form the matrix component in tackifiers and pressure sensitive adhesives.

DMS-S31 Properties
  • Viscosity: 1,000 cSt
  • Molecular Weight: 26,000 g/mol
  • Wt.% OH: 0.1
  • OH (eq/kg): 0.055-0.060
  • Specific Gravity: 0.98

    HMIS Key: 2-1-0-X


    Refractive Index: 1.403