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Product Code: AKN580

Cas No: 3264-82-2

R&D quantities:

100 g
25 g

EINECS Number: 221-875-7

Melting Point: 208° dec

Molecular Weight: 256.91

Specific Gravity: 1.455

HMIS Key: 3-1-0-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 0: forms stable aqueous solutions

Formula: C10H14NiO4

Refractive Index: 1.57-1.64


Application: Catalyzes conjugate addition of alkynyl aluminums to enones.1
Catalyzes coupling of Grignard reagents to give biaryls.2
Catalyzes Grignard additions to silyl enol ethers forming alkenes.3
Thermochromic effect in non-coordinating solvents at 200°C.4
UV stabilizer for polyphenylene sulfide.5
Catalyzes coupling of dialkylzincs with alkyl iodides.6
Intermediate for Ni nanoparticles by reduction with NaBH4.7
Forms Ni3C nanocrystals by thermolysis in oleylamine.8

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Additional Properties: Solubility, methoxyethoxyethanol: 70 g/l
Solubility, toluene: 85 g/l
Solubility, water: 11.0 g/l
UV max: 265-298 nm
?Hsub: 16.5 kcal/mole
Color: green - turns turquoise on absorption of 3 moles H2O
Solubility, ethanol: 27 g/l
Metal content: 22.5-23.6% Ni
Trimeric compound
Vapor pressure, 145°: 0.01 mm