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TIN(II) CHLORIDE, anhydrous

Product Code: SNT7920

Cas No: 7772-99-8

250 g

EINECS Number: 231-868-0


Specific Gravity: 3.950

HMIS Key: 3-0-1-X

Formula: Cl2Sn


Application: Catalyzes reaction between propargyl iodides and aldehydes to form a mixture of ?-hydroxyallenes and ?-hydroxy acetylenes.1
Employed in CVD of tin (ll) sulfide.2

Reference: 1. Mukaiyama, T. et al. Chem. Lett. 1981, 621.
2. Price, L. et al. Chem. Mater. 1999, 11, 1792.

Fieser: F&F: Vol. 1, p 1113; Vol. 2, p 389; Vol. 5, p 631; Vol. 6, p 554; Vol. 11, p 521; Vol. 13, p 298; Vol. 15, p 309.

Additional Properties: Soluble: water, acetone, ethanol
Ether 4.9 g/l
Sensitizing agent for silvering of mirrors and plating of plastics