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Product Code: SID4592.0

Cas No: 6787-86-6

5 g
Volatile Carbosilane

Carbosilanes are compounds in which the elements of silicon and carbon alternate in a molecular framework or polymeric backbone in an approximate ratio of 1:1. By appropriate selection of the carbosilane precursor and deposition conditions the silicon carbide framework can be shifted toward substituted silicon and diamond-like structures.

1,3-Disilabutane; 1-Methyldisilmethylene
  • For CVD of silicon carbide
  • Precursor for low temperature CVD of silicon carbide MEMS
  • Alternative Name: 1-METHYLDISILMETHYLENE

    Specific Gravity: 0.80

    Flashpoint: -19°C (-2°F)

    HMIS Key: 3-4-2-X

    Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 3: reacts with aqueous base

    Formula: C2H10Si2

    Refractive Index: 1.436

    Application: Precursor for low temperature CVD of silicon carbide MEMS.1,2

    Reference: 1. Stoldt, C. et al. Sens.Actuators, A 2002, 97-8, 410.
    2. Stoldt, C. et al. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2001, 347.