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Product Code: SIB1868.0

Cas No: 5796-98-5

10 g


Specific Gravity: 0.829

Flashpoint: >100°C (>212°F)

HMIS Key: 3-3-2-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: 7: reacts slowly with moisture/water

Formula: C6H18O2Si2

Application: Key reviews.1,2,3
Reagent for Bayer-Villiger oxidation of ketones.4
Epoxidizes olefins with methyltrioxorhenium.5
With NaH converts benzylic nitro compounds to corresponding carbonyls.6
Oxidizes pyridines to pyridine-n-oxides in presence of Rhenium catalyst.7

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Additional Properties: Adhesion promoter for 2-part condensation cure silicone RTVs