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Product Code: EDEB-211

Cas No: 1283601-17-1

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SiBrid® Ethylene/Dimethicone Block Copolymers

Block polymers of ethylene and polydimethylsiloxane are solid low melt-point materials. They offer the smoothness of paraffins without waxy feel. When added to many organic and hydrocarbon systems they reduce tack and increase slip. At higher levels they can form barriers to moisture transmission. Diblock copolymers are more effective in compatibilizing hydrocarbon and silicone materials. Triblock copolymers provide greater emolliency.

INCI Name: Bis-(C24-30 Alkyl/Butyl) Dimethicone
SiBrid® EDEB-211
  • Diblock copolymer
  • Pourpoint: 18-19 °C
  • Viscosity, 25 °C: 45 cSt
  • HMIS Key: 1-0-0-X

    Additional Properties: Pour point: 18-19°
    Viscosity, 25°: 45 cSt