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SODIUM PHENOXIDE, 95%, anhydrous

Product Code: AKS775

Cas No: 139-02-6

100 g
25 g
2 kg
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EINECS Number: 205-347-3

HMIS Key: 3-2-0-X

Formula: C6H5NaO

Purity: 95%

Application: Orthorhombic structure with only one alkali-metal coordination sphere.1
Inserts carbon dioxide to form sodium salicylate (Kolbe-Schmitt reaction).2

Reference: 1. Dinnebier, R. et al. Inorg. Chem. 1997, 36, 3398.
2. Boullard, O. et al. In Ullman's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chem., 5th ed. 1993, A23, 478.

Additional Properties: White to reddish color
Decomposes by absorption of CO2 from air