Product Code: AKC240
CAS No: 14877-41-9
Pack Size
5 g

Product data and descriptions listed are typical values, not intended to be used as specification.

  • HMIS

  • Molecular Formula

  • Molecular Weight (g/mol)

  • TSCA

  • Boiling Point (˚C/mmHg)

    120° / 0.5 sub
  • Melting Point (˚C)

    254-6° dec

Additional Properties

  • Hydrolytic Sensitivity

    4: no reaction with water under neutral conditions
  • Application

    Precursor for conductive Sr-Co-Fe ceramic films.1


    1. Xiao, C. et al. J. Mater. Res. 1998,13, 173.


  • Packaging Under

  • ALD Material

    Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a chemically self-limiting deposition technique that is based on the sequential use of a gaseous chemical process. A thin film (as fine as -0.1 Å per cycle) results from repeating the deposition sequence as many times as needed to reach a certain thickness. The major characteristic of the films is the resulting conformality and the controlled deposition manner. Precursor selection is key in ALD processes, namely finding molecules which will have enough reactivity to produce the desired films yet are stable enough to be handled and safely delivered to the reaction chamber.

    Cobalt III 2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptanedionate; Cobaltic TMHD

  • Precursor for conductive Sr-Co-Fe ceramic films
  • Metal-Organic Chemistry

    Review—Cobalt Thin Films: Trends in Processing Technologies and Emerging Applications

    Cobalt metallic films are the subject of an ever-expanding academic and industrial interest for incorporation into a multitude of new technological applications. This report reviews the state-of-the art chemistry and deposition techniques for cobalt thin films, highlighting innovations in cobalt metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), plasma and thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD), as well as pulsed MOCVD technologies, and focusing on cobalt source precursors, thin and ultrathin film growth processes, and the resulting effects on film composition, resistivity and other pertinent properties.