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Product Code: AKC235

Cas No: 21679-46-9

250 g
50 g

EINECS Number: 244-527-6

Specific Gravity: 1.418

HMIS Key: 3-1-1-X

Hydrolytic Sensitivity: TSCA

Formula: C15H21CoO6


Application: Cocatalyst for the polymerization of dienes.1
Catalyst for the polymerization of propylene oxide.2
Component in preparation of light sensitive photographic materials.4

Reference: 1. Blackley, D. et al. ACS Symp. Ser. 1976, 24, 162.
2. Hsieh, H. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 1971, 15, 2425.
3. Kaeriyama, K. et al. Makromol. Chem. 1973, 167, 129.
4. Fuji Photo Chem. Abstr. 85, 54641h; U.S. Patent 3,933,488, 1976.

Additional Properties: Solubility, water: 2.4 g/l
Dipole moment: 1.35 debye
16.4-16.7% Co
Dark Green
Toluene 42 g/l