Design and Engineering properties for conventional silicone fluids as well as thermal, fluorosilicone, hydrophilic and low temperature grades are presented in the Gelest silicone product line.  The Gelest silicone product line also describes reactive silicones that can be formulated into coatings, membranes, cured rubbers and adhesives for mechanical, optical, electronic and ceramic applications.

The inert silicone fluid product pages provide data on thermal, rheological, electrical, mechanical and optical properties for silicones. Silicone fluids are available in viscosities ranging from 0.65 to 2,500,000 cSt.  More information can be found in the Silicone Fluids – Stable, Inert Media brochure.  Information on reactions and cures of reactive silicones as well as physical properties shortens product development time for chemists and engineers.  More information can be found in the Reactive Silicones: Forging New Polymer Links brochure.