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Gelest, Inc.’s Silanes, Silicones and Metal-Organics are key components in a variety of coatings. This directory shows the various refined coating applications within which to continue searching.

Chemical Vapor Deposition
Metallization precursors for copper, tungsten, germanium, silicon, titanium and tantalum among others
Dielectric coatings including molecular and bulk coatings for low k, high k and conventional insulation applications

Conductive Coatings
Optically clear conductive coating materials including ITO (indium-tin xide) precursors.
Statically conductive coatings including silane-quats, antimony oxide and tin-oxide precursors
Polyelectrolytes including polyethyleneoxide-dimethylsiloxane copolymers

Optical Coatings
Refractive index controlled silicone fluids and silicone elastomers
Titanate and Zirconate esters for anti-reflection
OLED transport molecules such aluminum quinolinates

Self-Assembled Monolayers
Alkyl, fluoroalkyl and end-group modified silanes.

Ultraviolet and Electron Beam reactive monomers and polymers
Silanes and silicones with radical (acrylate, methacrylate) cure
Silanes and silicones with cationic (cycloaliphatic epoxide) cure
Metal-Organic including antimony, boron, phosphorus and titanium based cationic photoinitiators.

Hydrophobic Coatings
Vapor-phase treatments such as: hexamethyldisilazane, fluoroalkylsilanes, and reactive silicone fluids.