BOSAFE® is a new silicon-based antimicrobial from Gelest, Inc. Its novel activity imparts long lasting bacteriostatic,fungistatic and algistatic properties to substrates, such as textiles, preventing deterioration and discoloration caused by fungi. Furthermore, BIOSAFE antimicrobials prevent algae growth and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This new generation of antimicrobial can be incorporated into and applied onto any textile, and is therefore ideal for fabrics that are susceptible to microbial contamination. BIOSAFE antimicrobials come both in powder form for use as a functional additive in spun fibers, and as a water-based, VOC-free solution for use in coating textiles. BIOSAFE’s reactive silicon-based antimicrobial chemistry can be deposited into or onto the fiber for durable, leach-resistant, and non-migrating microbiostatic properties.The antimicrobial works in such a way that it does not promote the development of resistant microorganisms. With proper integration, BIOSAFE products exhibit high antimicrobial performance, which reduces odors and discoloration from bacteria, fungi(mold and mildew) and even algae, keeping textiles safer and cleaner.



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